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  • Mark & Nicolina (Sunday, August 17 14 07:01 pm BST)

    Hi Julian, we just wanted to say we love the portrait of our two cats (Kitkat and Akasha), a very generous wedding present from my sister! You've captured the pair perfectly, you're a very talented
    man! Thanks

  • Dwight (Monday, March 24 14 08:35 pm GMT)

    Julian, this is fantastic work. I don't know where to start I love it all, you are a true artist.

  • Sherry Paglen (Friday, February 28 14 02:36 am GMT)

    Love your body of work and your story. You encourage others to give it a try! Bless You, Julian

  • Hazel Tucker (Friday, February 14 14 11:19 pm GMT)

    I followed your link to here from Wet Canvas. I loved your demo of Sammy the black lab and wanted to see more of your work. I am primarily a graphite and pastel artist but you have inspired me to get
    out my Acrylics again after a few years absence. Your work is truly outstanding, I love it!

  • Ann (Friday, February 14 14 02:08 am GMT)

    Hi Julian, I came across your artwork on wetcanvas and it is simply awesome. I wish you all the best in your sales. I'm going to pass your web page on to family and friends.

  • katy ash (Friday, November 01 13 11:38 pm GMT)

    Labrador Bliss - What a fantastic painting - catches the lab perfectly (and looks like my dog :)
    wonderful work

  • Robert rongier (Thursday, June 20 13 10:57 am BST)

    Hi Julian I'm skappy from wetcanvas I was browsing around the web and found you website
    Woderful work there very inspiring

  • Vivien Maloney (Thursday, June 13 13 07:32 pm BST)

    Oh my goodness, what wonderful, wonderful work. You not only capture the image of an animal you project his personality as well....superb!

  • Blake Grigorian (Saturday, December 01 12 01:15 pm GMT)

    I loved your entry in lightspacetime's competition. It was my favorite. Great work!
    Spread art

  • Ruud van der Weerdt (Wednesday, November 14 12 09:14 pm GMT)

    Julian's highly collectable paintings of the wild and rural Britain and France, we love so much that our dutch office has become a real Wheat gallery.
    This master of the fine brush has only just started to unfold the picturebook of his earlydays traveling.

  • Dean (Tuesday, October 23 12 02:13 pm BST)

    Your work is fantastic and the portrait you painted up Busby as a wedding present for my wife this year was truly stunning. It now takes pride of place in our house.
    Thanks again

  • Dee Sharma (Friday, September 28 12 08:41 am BST)

    Your paintings are unbelivable. You have been successful not only capturing the Animals but the Emotions. each picture speaks to us as we look at it. Kind of tells a small story of what the
    pet/animal must be thinking at that time.

    Being a self taught artist, you are better than many Art dregree holders. You inspire me to draw, inspires me that there is no better way then starting teaching one self!!

  • Lisa Tenzin-Dolma (Wednesday, September 05 12 06:27 am BST)

    Absolutely beautiful work, Julian!

  • Karen Vipan (Tuesday, August 21 12 09:08 am BST)

    I want to say that Julian is an exceptional artist. He painted my two dogs (Nala and Nero) with such realism I actually cried!